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Don’t sleep on the undrafted Josh Reaves this season because he brings strong defense and a position-less skill set to the Dallas Mavericks in 2019-20
With three and D players in high demand, the Dallas Mavericks signed undrafted free agent Josh Reaves this summer with little hesitation. Reaves, last year’s NCAA defensive player of the year, hopes that his focus on steals can earn him minutes in the Mavericks rotation.

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The era of position-less basketball is here, so the 6’5″ Reaves could be a great addition because of his ability to guard multiple positions. Reaves also has a record setting knack for playing passing lanes for steals which should fit well in the Dallas Mavericks zone heavy defensive scheme. Reaves is a smart defender and a hard worker that hopes to make a name for himself in the NBA.

What if Mike Trout was drafted #1?

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What if Mike Trout was drafted #1?
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Like my guy Aristotle said, ” knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. “. One thing I’ve noticed about Josh Reaves is that he knows his strengths on the basketball court. When watching Reaves play, and listening to his interviews it’s apparent that he knows steals for run-out dunks is what makes him special.

Reaves, who set Penn State’s school record With 250 steals, credits his great anticipation to his brother throwing things at him growing up. All the years of training turned Reaves into a defensive stand out in college. As a four year player for Pat Chambers’ Nittany Lions, Reaves lead the team in steals for three straight seasons and was named to two Big 10 all defensive teams averaging 2.5 steals per game as a senior.

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After going undrafted, Josh Reaves was signed to a two-way contract with the Dallas Mavericks. Reaves played extremely well for the Mavs during summer league averaging 12.6 points, 4.8 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 1.2 steals and 1.0 block in 23.5 minutes. Decent numbers, but Reaves’ hustle, and understanding of what offenses want to do is what made him stand out.

Reaves seems to always be in the right place. With a 6’7” wingspan, above average athleticism, and elite anticipation, no pass is safe around him. Once Josh makes the steal it’s pretty much light’s out. His speed and quickness off the ground are hard to match. Reaves also displayed great decision making and play making ability with a few pinpoint dime drops over the summer.

Dallas Mavericks forward Justin Jackson is looking to break out in his third year. Here are five bold predictions for the forward this season.
The Dallas Mavericks traded for Justin Jackson at the deadline last season. He was not the focal point of the deal. The Mavs shipped Harrison Barnes to Sacramento to keep him from opting into a $25 million player option he had for the 2019-2020 season. Adding a young talented asset like Jackson was a bonus for Dallas.

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Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors

The 24-year-old had an up and down 29 games for the Mavericks last season. He played under six minutes six times but also had 13 contests earning more than 20 minutes. Jacksons started the final 11 games of the year. Over that stretch, he averaged 12.7 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 1.8 assists in 25.9 minutes per game while shooting 53.8 percent from the field. The forward also hit 38.6 percent on his 3-point attempts.

Mavericks fans are excited about Jackson’s play after the way he ended last season. The forward is a hard worker that should continue to improve. He made getting better on the defensive end a priority this summer. Dallas needs quality role players around Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. The former Tar Heel has the potential.

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The Mavs have one spot in their starting lineup open. Jackson figures to be in competition with Tim Hardaway Jr. and Dorian Finney-Smith for the role during training camp. Will his late-season improvements continue? Can he grab that starting nod?

Here is a look at five bold predictions for Justin Jackson in the upcoming season.

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Reaves’ biggest weakness is outside shooting. He’s not Rajon Rondo from three, but it definitely needs work. The problems with Reaves shooting mechanics go from the ground up. Meaning without serious changes to his shot he’ll continue to struggle to shoot consistently from behind the arc. Reaves doesn’t plant his feet well when shooting. Because he fails to set a good base he’s forced to adjust the rest of his shot differently every time .

This might seem like an easy fix, but because so much of your shot is muscle memory, bad habits are hard to break. If Josh Reaves is willing to work as hard on his jumper as he has on being a great defender, the Dallas Mavericks may have found themselves a future all-defensive player. The Mavs are a team full of guys with similar builds to Reaves, which might hinder his development.

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NEXT: This Mavs addition is more than your normal 3-and-D guard
Hopefully he can use his time in the G league to develop a consistent offense so that he can earn the minutes necessary to show off his stellar defense.

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As we move closer to the opening of NBA training camps two weeks from now, there will be plenty of intrigue around the top tier of franchises. At least eight teams1 have a real chance at an NBA title in what could be the most open race the league has seen in years.

But somewhere in the next rung of teams — likely not title contenders, but competitive — is what may be the most-certain-to-be-interesting-no-matter-what team: the New Orleans Pelicans. The Pels enter a new era, looking nothing like before, with little to no sense of how good they, or No. 1 overall pick Zion Williamson, will be.

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While it’s fair to expect that it will take time for the Pelicans to take stock of what they have, don’t be surprised if New Orleans figures things out relatively quickly. Based on recent history, it’s not a longshot that they could reach the postseason in their first season without Anthony Davis.

Put aside the fact that FiveThirtyEight’s projection model has the Pelicans as the eighth-most likely playoff team out West, with a 52 percent probability of reaching the postseason. That’s based on player projections. There’s also the simple math of how not-so-horrible teams2 have fared the past two decades after winning the lottery and landing the No. 1 pick.

Remember, the Pelicans got lucky in landing the top overall pick. As a result, they’re a relatively good team as far as lottery winners go. Of the eight previous clubs to defy the odds and win the No. 1 pick without being a total cellar dweller,3 six saw considerable improvement, winning at least eight more games than they did the previous season. That sort of jump would be meaningful for New Orleans, which, with 33 wins last year, would find themselves at .500 or better. It’s also worth noting that the Pelicans’ 33 victories also rank as tied for the most among those lottery winners over the past two decades, which suggests they’ll be starting from a more favorable position than most.

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Lottery winners that didn’t have to go from rags to riches
Before-and-after win totals for clubs that won NBA draft lottery without finishing in the bottom four of the standings, since the year 2000

2000 Nets Kenyon Martin 31 26 -5.0
2002 Rockets Yao Ming 28 43 +15.0
2005 Bucks Andrew Bogut 30 40 +10.0
2006 Raptors Andrea Bargnani 27 47 +20.0
2007 Blazers Greg Oden 32 41 +9.0
2008 Bulls Derrick Rose 33 41 +8.0
2010 Wizards John Wall 26 23 -3.0
2014 Cavaliers Andrew Wiggins 33 53 +20.0
2019 Pelicans Zion Williamson 33 — —
The Clippers technically won the lottery in 2011 with the NBA’s eighth-worst mark. But they had previously traded the rights to their pick to Cleveland, who ended up taking Kyrie Irving with the top pick that year.


Of course, even among just these eight teams, there’s a fairly wide range of outcomes and some unique circumstances. Some of these clubs that made seismic leaps were highly unusual. Take the 2014 Cavs, for example: Yes, Cleveland improved by 20 victories year-over-year after winning the lotto. But a guy named LeBron James deciding to sign there that summer was pretty integral to that leap. So was Kevin Love, whom the Cavs dealt for after drafting No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins. (On the other hand, Toronto getting 20 games better in 2006-07 after drafting Andrea Bargnani is one that can’t be explained anywhere near as easily.) Simply put, other roster moves are obviously a key factor in whether a team can make a significant jump after landing the top pick.

But the No. 1 pick matters too. The Pelicans would gladly take the same sort of early returns from Zion as the 2008 Bulls or 2002 Rockets got from Derrick Rose and Yao Ming, respectively: Stars with bona fide skills, who made immediate impacts before struggling with injuries years later. The Bulls were eight games better after drafting their future MVP, while Houston won 15 more games after taking Ming. Both players ended up with clubs that had at least one other building block, much like Williamson will have in Jrue Holiday, one of the league’s steadiest — if not most underrated — players.

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Aside from Williamson and Holiday, New Orleans also has the trio of young players — Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart — that came over in the Davis trade. It remains to be seen if any of them will become stars (Ingram had a torrid end of the season before being forced out with a blood clot in his right arm). But even if they don’t,4 they still look like solid rotation players: Ball has shown to be one of the NBA’s better defending guards when healthy, Ingram has length and has flashed an elite level of scoring ability, while Hart is quietly one of the most sure-handed transition players in the sport.

As far as other roster changes, David Griffin also brought in sharpshooter JJ Redick, who gives the club added spacing, and ex-Jazz big Derrick Favors to help on the glass and to give the team a rim protector without Davis.5
While it’s probably a bit soon to know what sort of team the Pelicans will be in light of all these changes, it seems a safe bet that coach Alvin Gentry’s uptempo mentality will continue with this group, particularly as the hyperathletic Williamson finds his way within the offense and the league. New Orleans was poor defensively last season, but the potential is arguably there for the club to become a top-10 group in the coming years, with what should be four plus defenders (Holiday, Ball, Williamson and Favors) and a fifth in Ingram who has the ability to be amazingly disruptive at times despite his slender build.

But the truth is, we don’t know how it will look just yet, because of all the new pieces. All we know — with 20 nationally televised games on ESPN, TNT and ABC — is that we’ll have a lot of chances to watch it all come together for the Pelicans, and that judging off how teams like the Pelicans often do shortly after landing the top pick, maybe New Orleans will actually be worth the Zion-level hype.

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Late Friday afternoon, the New Orleans Pelicans announced a series of coaching changes, including the addition of defensive guru Jeff Bzdelik.
The 2019-2020 NBA regular season is drawing closer and closer, which means more aspects of the team are becoming concrete pieces. On Friday afternoon, the Pelicans front office announced the full layout of Alvin Gentry’s coaching staff for the upcoming season.
Pelican Debrief

NEWS: @PelicansNBA announce coaching roles for the 2019-2020 season. Jeff Bzdelik, defensive guru for Memphis ’14-’16 & Houston ’16-’19, is a particularly noteworthy hire. Story soon.

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6:10 AM – Sep 14, 2019
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Most exciting for those interested in the Pelicans is the addition of former Houston Rockets defensive guru Jeff Bzdelik. Acting as an assistant under Mike D’Antoni, Bzdelik was a member of the Rockets coaching staff from 2016-2019, before controversially being let go this offseason. His move to New Orleans had been subject to rumor throughout most the last few months, being pictured with Alvin Gentry on multiple occasions.

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Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors

Bzdelik’s defensive schemes helped the Rockets chase the Golden State Warriors to Game 7 in the Western Conference Finals two years ago and was a sought after coaching free agent this offseason. He previously spent time as the head coach of the Denver Nuggets from 2002-2004, then spent time coaching at the college level before joining as an assistant for the Memphis Grizzlies from 2014-2016.

Interestingly, coaching holdover Chris Finch was given the role of Associate Head Coach, Offense for next season. Finch has continually progressed as a coach since 1993 when he started with the Sheffield Sharks of the British Basketball League. Since, he’s coached in multiple leagues, spending time with the Houston Rockets and Denver Nuggets before joining Gentry in New Orleans in 2017.

Another addition to the staff came in the form of Jamelle McMillan. After spending the 2018-2019 season as the bench coach on Igor Kokoskov’s Phoenix Suns staff, but was let go along with the rest of their staff following the campaign. McMillan previously coached with the Pelicans from 2016-2018, and his father, Nate, is the head coach of the Indiana Pacers.

Two members of Gentry’s staff remain but will have new roles entering the new season. Joe Boylan is now the team’s Director of Player Development, in addition to maintaining his role as an assistant coach. Michael Ruffin has also been given a role in player development while remaining an assistant coach for the squad.

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The team will also retain Summer League coach and assistant Fred Vinson.

Leaving the staff in June were Darren Erman and Mike Penberthy. Erman was the team’s defensive lead over the last few seasons and will now be the head coach of the Maine Lobsters, the G-League affiliate of the Boston Celtics. Penberthy was the team’s shooting coach a season ago and now heads to the Los Angeles Lakers staff, where he won a ring as a player in 2001.

NEXT: NEXT: Read more about the Pelicans’ upcoming season…
Now, with the addition of defensive guru Bzdelik and the rest of the staff, the coaches will have to start making their plans to throw this 2019-2020 Pelicans team into gear. How the squad plays and develops this season will have a lot to do with this crew’s performance.

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The San Francisco 49ers are finishing up practices for the week and we have an idea of who will be there and who won’t be. Jason Verrett, who was out in Week 1, is a sure thing, while Tevin Coleman continues to rehab his ankle injury.

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Then there’s Nick Bosa. He played in the opener, got a bit sore, and hasn’t been practicing most of this week. He managed to get one practice in and is listed as questionable on the injury report but the fact remains, the ankle is bothersome.

He had a hell of a debut to the NFL; getting one sack, three quarterback hits, and being a wall on defense all day against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Bosa hit a high ankle sprain to start training camp and while he managed Week 1, those high ankle sprains can take forever before you’re 100 percent—and you don’t want to make it worse. 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said that he wants to see Bosa practice so at least that box is checked.

Keep in mind, part of the reason the 49ers were cautious with Bosa was because of the turf the 49ers practiced on. The team is in Youngstown, Ohio, trying to reduce the tear that going back and forth from east to west coast can provide. That has a hand in it, but the fact remains, Bosa did not practice.

The Bengals also play on turf which is going to be none too kind to an ankle injury. Given the Bengals injuries, and Bosa’s ankle sprain, is it worth it to put him on the turf Sunday? Or would you shut him down for Week 2 so he’s healthy against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the home opener? The one question (and doctors obviously know more than I do) is can this turf add an extra probability that he can suffer something more devastating? Is it worth it?

If you were Kyle Shanahan, would you shelf Bosa for a week?

I am not among those of my era who are amazed that the Rolling Stones are still touring energetically at carbon-dateable age, but I know I am in the minority here, and I recognize power when I see it. So when the Stones condemned their recent experience playing the 49ers’ stadium, the implication was clear.

The 49ers should move.

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The team, which built and owns the stadium, located it within the confines of the city of Santa Clara, where its headquarters have been for decades. But until the stadium was built, city and company got along well enough. Since then, though, they have enjoyed a hate-hate relationship so vicious that they don’t even hide it anymore. They’ve fought over adjacent soccer fields, curfews, taxes, zoning, ingress, egress and engaged in hilarious and mutual snottiness toward each other. The stadium, once hailed as a triumph, is now condemned as a terrible alternative to Candlestick Park, whose best day was the day it was collapsed. It’s hot in the sun, and the turf is bad in the rain, and it’s empty in all conditions. Jed York looked like a genius, and five years later he looks like pre-stadium Jed again.

Indeed, Oakland and the Raiders got along far better, even while the football team was leaving. Beat that with a stick.

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So with the caveat that not every situation is the same, maybe it’s time after all these years (five) for an annulment. I mean, if you can’t make Mick Jagger happy, what is the point of any relationship?

True, the 49ers would be leaving their own stadium, and true, there isn’t a lot of open space between where Candlestick was and Levi’s is, but it isn’t like there aren’t places out there that would debase themselves for a stadium. Besides, who wouldn’t like a team leaving its own home because they think the neighbors suck, while the neighbors are offering to put up the For Sale signs on their own dime?

Toward that end, my first solution: Las Vegas. When the Raiders were trying to figure out their stadium problem (which is to say, before they bamboozled Sheldon Adelson), they were always earmarked by people who didn’t understand either team’s leadership to become subtenants of the 49ers. It is to Mark Davis’s credit (yeah, yeah, shut up) that he refused. But it seems right and proper to subject Jed York to that same level of humiliation, making him the guy who has to pay rent to the guy who didn’t want to pay rent to him.

Second: Oakland. The advantage is that they would be moving closer to their actual fan base, and to an old/borderline decrepit stadium which would remind them of the place where they knew their finest glories. In addition, it would drive the A’s nuts yet again, since they are this close to finally having the town to themselves, and we could listen to a few more years of football players bitching about the evils of infield dirt. The disadvantage is that the 49ers might be actually playing a game when the city implodes the place, and while the NFL can endure rescheduling games due to weather, doing so due to rubble would be a rougher optic.

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Third: Los Angeles. The idea of Jed getting last choice on everything after Stan Kroenke and Dean Spanos is hilarious on its face, and the three guys could split the cost of begging the Stones to return. Besides, every team in the NFL will eventually be based in Los Angeles for network ease, so why not jumpstart that process? The NFL put a game in Winnipeg on an 80-yard field, so overcrowding is clearly not an issue.

Fourth: Treasure Island. The artificial island built in 1939 and which currently holds up the middle of the Bay Bridge is technically a part of San Francisco. But getting there and leaving there would be an ordeal that would make getting in and out of the Santa Clara yard resemble the Star Trek transporter, and besides, global warming is going to swamp the whole thing in 20 years anyway and we’ll be right back where we started, with a stadium with half its seats in a flash-fryer.

Fifth: St. Louis. This would simply be more needless punishment for a city that doesn’t deserve it.

Sixth: Mendocino County. If the league ever relents on marijuana as a pain medication, the 49ers can corner the market on Day One, a competitive advantage that would make Jerry Jones’s brain explode. That, we can all agree, is a desirable outcome under any circumstance.

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The Dallas Cowboys had a dozen players appear on their final injury report. But how many are in danger of missing their Week two matchup?
After a stellar showing in their regular-season opener, the Dallas Cowboys are hoping to defy lofty expectations in Week Two against yet another NFC East rival, the 0-1 Washington Redskins.

The Cowboys were able to put on an offensive onslaught against the New York Giants last weekend, beating the G-Men in Arlington to the tune of 35-17. While the Redskins led the Philadelphia Eagles 20-7 through the first half in their Week One matchup in Philly, only to allow the Birds to come back in the second half and hand Washington a loss.

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2020 NFL Draft: LSU’s Joe Burrow is the surprise
breakout QB

Now, these divisional foes will face each other in a Week Two battle at FedExField, the home of the Redskins in Landover, Maryland. But the Cowboys will have to go to war without a couple of their players.

On the Cowboys’ final injury report, a whopping 12 names were listed for America’s Team. They included wide receiver Tavon Austin (concussion), wide receiver Randall Cobb (rib), wide receiver Amari Cooper (foot), defensive end Tyrone Crawford (hip), linebacker Luke Gifford (ankle), safety Jeff Heath (knee), tight end Blake Jarwin (foot), linebacker Sean Lee (knee/NIR), guard Zack Martin (back), offensive tackle Tyron Smith (back), safety Darian Thompson (ankle), and safety Donovan Wilson (ankle).

Out of the dozen players appearing on the Cowboys’ final injury report, only Tavon Austin and Luke Gifford have been designated as out for the game. The rest were able to be full participants in practice on Friday expect for Darian Thompson and Donovan Wilson, who were both limited. Veteran linebacker Sean Lee did not practice on Friday (non-injury related) after being a full participant on both Wednesday and Thursday.

NEXT: Dallas Cowboys 30 greatest players in franchise history
For the Redskins, defensive linemen Jonathan Allen (knee) and Caleb Brantley (foot) plus running back Derrius Guice (knee) and quarterback Colt McCoy (fibula) have been officially ruled out for the game. Cornerback Quinton Dunbar (knee) has been listed as questionable while fellow corner Fabian Moreau (ankle) is doubtful.

Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys
The possibility of the Dallas Cowboys trading with the Miami Dolphins for Minkah Fitzpatrick has been just one more topic generating buzz this week. There is another, somewhat related trade story as well, and is the persistent rumors the team cutting ties with former first-round pick Taco Charlton. That may actually be the far more likely one, as the trade demands for Fitzpatrick are reportedly rather high, and there could be 30 other teams interested in his services. Charlton himself is lending a certain credibility to the idea his days with Dallas being numbered.
Taco Charlton

The waiting game ⏳

6:59 AM – Sep 13, 2019
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This would be a major decision for the Cowboys, who value draft capital greatly and take great pride in making good picks. It would be an admission they got this one wrong. On the other hand, it also indicates that they believe their defensive line group is so strong that they don’t need to hang onto Charlton and wait for him to develop.

Most importantly, it would point to real change in the approach of the front office. One that goes hand-in-hand with the decision during the offseason to part with Scott Linehan and promote Kellen Moore in his place. And there is more than one component to that.

Wholesale Dallas Cowboys Jerseys

The first is a more hard line, results-driven decision process. In the past, the team has been, at times, overly loyal to both coaches and players that have not produced. That is possibly a component in giving Linehan one more shot last year. Muddying that take is how Linehan seemed to really be selling the problems of the offense in 2017 as more driven by injury and some failings of his subordinates, with the latter paying the price in a general housecleaning below him. Even in light of those arguments that he advanced, the top management and head coach seemed to grant him more leeway than is perhaps wise in the “what have you done for me lately” world of the NFL.
That same thing has been seen regarding past high draft picks that underperformed. The team kept them when the roster spot might have been better used to develop new talent – although in the past, that talent may not have been attractive or promising enough to force their hands. This season, the Cowboys roster appears to be one of the deepest and most talented in a long time. Many have ranked it as one of the elite squads, top to bottom, in the league. While the game against the New York Giants is the smallest of sample sizes, it did nothing to disprove that idea. Arguably the deepest position on the entire team is defensive end. When Robert Quinn returns next week from suspension, the staff has to decide who to release to make room. The signposts increasingly point to Charlton being the logical choice. That assumes they believe Charlton’s strong performance in preseason is just not likely to carry over into regular season games. His being inactive last week could be taken as proof of that.

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The other thing this says is that the Cowboys are all in on this being the year they can make a run at a sixth Lombardi. That is a logical influence in both the Moore promotion and a possible moving on from Charlton. They are firing every round in the magazine to make it happen.

And in both cases, the available options played a big part. Hiring Moore as the new quarterbacks coach showed they believed he had real potential. He had to have shown them something to make him the OC with so little experience. Giving him that first year to prove himself might have been a consideration in retaining Linehan one more season as well. They didn’t feel comfortable in giving the job to such a neophyte right off the bat – who would? But seeing him at work in practice, meetings, and games must have reassured them that he had the stuff to handle things this year.

Fake Dallas Cowboys Jerseys

The logic with Charlton seems to be that Quinn, Kerry Hyder, Dorance Armstrong, and Joe Jackson all have more to offer in proven potential and/or expected growth. Don’t forget they also have Jalen Jelks stashed on IR. Charlton may have gained the dreaded label of “progress stopper.” That may be the real driver here.

Some may see releasing Charlton as a failure. But he is now a sunk cost, and the best way to approach these things is to disregard that draft capital that is now long gone, and evaluate things strictly on current and projected value. That is smart roster management. The Cowboys have been doing a lot of that of late. You still always seek to improve the process. This seems to fit exactly that.

Now the caveat: Nothing has been done yet, and we may just be misreading the indicators. Also, that dreaded injury threat is always out there. We don’t want to see that make the decision for Dallas, but Charlton is probably a better option in that case than whomever they could try and replace him with.

If his time with Dallas is ending, the team is probably working to get some kind of draft pick back in a trade. But if nothing appealing materializes, then they can just release him outright and move on.

That is not how they have always done things. But this year, with what may be a golden opportunity given what the offense appears to be becoming, it is the way to go now. If Charlton leaves, we should all wish him the best and hope he finds some success in another uniform. The Cowboys just have to focus on what is best for the team.